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Iphone 7 RED


12MP primary camera with optical image stabilisation, quad-LED true tone flash and live photos, 4K video recording at 30 fps and slow-motion video recording in 1080p at 120 fps and 7MP front facing facetime HD camera with retina flash 13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, 401 ppi pixel density, 16M color support with wide colour, splash, water and dust resistant IOS v10.3 operating system with 1.3GHz Apple A10 Fusion chip with integrated M10 ...

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iPhone 7 tips and tricks

Wake without any fingers

According to one study, the average person clicks, taps or swipes some 2,617 times per day. It’s a wonder we get anything else done.

Throw it in a river

No, don’t do that - but you can bask in the glow of satisfaction from knowing that if you were to do that damn foolish thing your phone wouldn’t be broken.

Get to the camera quicker

Something’s happening! Let’s get a pic! In the old days, that meant swipe, passcode, swipe, tap and maybe another swipe to get the camera into the right mode.

Make the home non-button feel more like a button

If it looks like a button and feels like a button, it still might not be a button: the new home button on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus uses haptic feedback instead of clicking.

Take even better photos with camera

The main camera has a new, 12MP sensor with optical image stabilization (OIS), 60% faster performance, wide color capture and a lens that brings in 50% more light, so even poorly lit scenes are crisp and clear.

Get better sound

The controversial decision to drop the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 does mean an improvement in audio quality.




Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus might look like last year’s model from afar, but there are a number of improvements to the design. For one, the antennas have been redesigned to make them look much less offensive. Also, the camera bump is now carved out of the same aluminum as the rest of the housing for a more seamless look and feel.


The A10 is a 64-bit quad-core chipset, including two high-performance cores that run 40% faster than the A9 chip, and two high-efficiency cores with one-fifth as much power for better battery life when you don’t need all that power.


Apple’s updated Retina HD displays are 25% brighter than the screens on last year’s iPhones. They still support 3D Touch, of course, as well as enhanced color management.

Battery Life

Apple says the iPhone 7 will last at least 2 more hours of battery during daily usage compared to the 6s, and the 7 Plus will offer at least 1 more hour compared to the 6s Plus.