Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Color Trends

This year’s winter has barely ended, and we’re already on to predicting the fall/ winter 2019-2020 color trends, based on what designers served to us at the New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks! The Pantone Color Institute has released their own apt color findings, although we’ve also identified a few colors by ourselves that we think will be all over the high streets come next autumn. The fall/ winter 2019 color trends are all over the map, with so much variety that we think every type of person will find something to love!

For those who are sad to give up on the soft pinks of spring, don’t worry, the fall 2019 runway colors offer a romantic palette that is just as feminine but a touch punchier. This season we saw a few iterations on the color red, like deep Merlot and Biking Red, softer Crabapple and Cranberry, and ultra brights like Chili Pepper and Summer Fig.

Dove Fruit is a bright pink you might find yourself wanting to try if you feel adventurous, or you can opt for lavender, one of our favorite holdouts from the previous season. Tyrian purple and Grapeade were the other two purples to splash on the scene, one a deep royal color and the other muted and sophisticated.

The truly autumnal shades in the fall 2019 color trends were a mixture of deep, creamy yellows like Butterscotch and Dark Cheddar, along with soft, nutty browns like Sugar Almond and Hazel. Combining these shades together is a sure way to look chic in the coming cold seasons!

If you’d like the mix to be a bit livelier, a touch of the it-orange of the season, Orange Tiger, will surely help. The other two browns that showed up this season were deeper and more neutral – a chocolate brown named Rocky Road and an espresso tone named Chicory Coffee.

Frost Gray and Paloma were the grays in the winter 2020 color trends, often blended with Galaxy Blue, Evening Blue, and Bluestone for a truly frosty feel. Rutabaga, Crème de Pêche and Vanilla Custard were the soft off-whites that’ll keep the snow bunnies feeling airy this season.

Tasty and earthy, greens also deserve a mention, since they showed up liberally in the fall/ winter 2019-2020 color trends, with Eden and Forest Biome being the perfect dark greens for winter and with Chartreuse, Green Olive, Antique Moss and Guacamole a little lighter yet muted, perfect for autumn.

Last but not least, the ideal evening shade in the fall/ winter 2019 color trends was gold! Luxurious and dramatic, this is the color we predict will show up all over the red carpets come next awards season.

#1. Merlot

Wine tones are perfect for the cooler season, as they add depth and richness to a look without clashing with the colder weather. For the fall/ winter 2019 color trends we have Merlot, a deep red with just a hint of brown that exudes a lot of class.

Stella McCartney gave us a lot of beautiful, figure-lengthening looks in the fall 2019 runway colors, with the first dress on her runway a draped, V-neck Merlot dress with recycled leather embellishments – worn over black boots, this dress was giving us fighting princess vibes.

At Oscar de la Renta, the shade was used for long statement jackets worn over white outfits, as well as in some truly gorgeous evening gowns.

#2. Biking Red

This deep red-brown tone leans a touch towards cooler than Merlot, acting as a wonderful alternative to it that showed up on the New York runways, specifically. A trouser and jacket leather set at Altuzarra was particularly fetching in this sophisticated color.

The Salvatore Ferragamo also made use of Biking Red leather, along with a few other fabrics – we saw a slinky leather dress as well as a leather trouser and coat combo. A Biking Red turtleneck sweater at Tibi, worn over a Tyrian purple leather skirt, looked like the coziest, comfiest thing we could possibly wear in the next season, while a long tweed coat in Biking Red at Chanel will surely become one of the season’s hottest items.

#3. Cranberry

This soft pink-red is a lively, feminine tone that is imbued with both strength and subtleness. On its own it packs quite a punch, but next to some of the darker and brighter reds in the fall/ winter 2019 color trends it actually seems a little muted.

It was quite surprising to see it used for an over-the-top feather dress at J.W. Anderson, but it proved to be the perfect subtle shade for such an intensely voluminous creation. It was also a lovely choice for a billowy coat by Marc Jacobs, and a nice rest for the eyes from all of the more intense reds we’ve seen.

Cranberry gained a bit of depth when it was used for satin pants and a velvet fitted jacket that were combined on the Tom Ford runway and worn beautifully by Gigi Hadid.

#4. Summer Fig

This bright and warm red tone is a perfect accent to all the yellows and earth tones that make up a large part of the fall 2019 fashion trends. There is a touch of exoticism to this color, which is decided a red but has a bit of an orange tinge to it that is unexpected in an autumn or winter color palette.

At Erdem, this orange-heavy red got to stand out all on its own, with our favorite example being a cozy-looking sweater dress that was made slightly more sophisticated with the addition of black embellishments and accessories. This shade was gorgeous when used for an autumnal trench coat at Eudon Choi.

It was also lovely on draped long dresses at Roland Mouret and mini cocktail dresses at Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Opening up the Victoria Beckham show there was a Summer Fig blouse, which was used as a dramatic pop of color against a white skirt and jacket combo. For the rest of the show, the shade kept popping up in accessories and separates.

#5. Chili Pepper

This bright, fiery red exploded on the New York runway, showing the wilder side of the winter 2020 color trends. On its own it is a timelessly striking color, perfect for an evening dress, while as an accent it paired well with the neutrals and warm tones we saw.

This color was a perfect choice for countering the conservative vibes of an all-leather long skirt and jacket look on the Alexander McQueen runway. At Erdem, the fiery tone was a unique counterpoint to big, lacy dresses that would have been overly feminine and demure were they to show up in a softer shade.

#6. Crabapple

Sweet but not overly so with just a hint of a tang, Crabapple is a rosy peach tone that is slightly muted. It’s quite feminine and light, so on its own it was definitely an unusual choice for the fall/ winter 2019 color trends.

This shade worked well with the soft silk pajama-like creations that were presented as evening wear on the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk. At Simone Rocha, Crabapple actually looked quite lovely as a geometric print on a voluminous dress. This was also the shade picked to open up the Molly Goddard show, as the first model stepped out on the runway in an oversized and complex rosy Crabapple dress.

#7. Peach Pink

Whereas Living Coral is the it-color for 2019, peach pink represents its muted, fall/ winter variation; whereas the coral is described as “living”, this shade is resting a bit, hiding from the cold. It’s similar to Crabapple, but it is slightly lighter and warmer.

One of the most reserved creations on the Versace runway was a long Peach Pink coat with golden buttons, worn over a colorful outfit of green trousers, a blue turtleneck, and a strappy bra. At Givenchy, a Peach Pink dress astounded us with its unique structure – a straight neckline, large, billowy shoulders, and a midi length made for a very unique silhouette.

#8. Orange Tiger

If you’re feeling fearless and energetic, then you will love all the orange offerings that came as part of the fall 2019 color trends. Tiger Orange is a dangerous and daring shade, much like the animal that is its namesake.

Carolina Herrera is a brand known to utilize warm, loud colors, so oversized orange dresses on the runway stood out not for their color but for their roomie, oversized silhouette. At Christian Cowan, the styling was cartoonish and 1920s-inspired, with a short Orange Tiger dress embellished with a shimmery draped scarf over one shoulder. At Valentino, we saw many of the season’s trending punchy colors used, but loud orange dresses and jackets stood out the most.

#9. Hazel

The fall/ winter 2019-2020 color trends gave us a couple of nutty options, with Hazel being a mellow brown that has a hint of a peach tint. This color was especially lovely in earth-toned color schemes, combined with either darker browns or lighter beiges.

A satin floor-length gown in Hazel at Vivienne Westwood was absolutely show-stopping, especially since it was worn by a gorgeous mature model with a shock of white hair. It was 50 shades of brown at Burberry, with Hazel acting as both the main color and an accent on a variety of dresses, jackets, and suits both for women and men. Hazel was a distinctly professional shade at Tibi, where it was used for a fitted overall skirt as well as a loose pantsuit.

#10. Forest Biome

Forest Biome is a dark, cool green – this shade is to green what navy is to blue. It makes us imagine discovering a thick forest, and then choosing to go deep into it where the trees obscure the sun.

Speaking of, forest was the runway theme at Khaite, where this particular color showed up as a long leather trench coat paired with a pair of matching cropped trousers. There was also an outdoorsy theme in the Veronica Beard collection, where Forest Green dresses and skirts were simple yet elegant.

It was all about Forest Biome coats at Cinq á Sept, albeit in lush fur rather than the leather at Khaite. Dark Forest Biome velvet was plentiful on the Alexa Chung runway, as it was used for luxurious suits and jackets.