Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Handbag Trends

Bag lovers, take a look: the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends are here, with a healthy mixture of returning trends, brand new trends, new twists on old trends, and a few trends that clearly carried over to bags from other items on the runway. Our aim is to be comprehensive, so you can rest assured that these are all of the fall 2019 bag trends that you need to know about.

The fall 2019 handbags are wonderful and unique, but we noticed that, as a whole, they are less whimsical than the bags from the previous season. Colors and prints are a little more serious, and function is key.

Bags that account for people’s need to have their hands free are as practical as can be. That’s not to say it is all dour utilitarianism: fuzzy bags, oddly shaped bags, and tiny bags account for some of the more artistic fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends. Handbags in prints and materials that perfectly match the popular garments of the season, like animal prints, houndstooth, check, and exotic leather will certainly be an easy sell.

There is also a sense of comfort that a few of the fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends exude, with soft and quilted bags, as well as slouchy bags, being extremely popular. Which of these fall 2019 handbags do you like best?

#1. Double Bagging

Maybe it’s because labels are releasing more bags than ever before, and they haven’t found a better way to present them somehow, or maybe the reason is more creative: today’s modern woman is so busy, so rather than carrying just one bag she actually needs two! More bags does mean more compartments, and we appreciate that this style is more versatile than carrying just one large bag, so despite a bit of initial skepticism, this is one of our approved fall/ winter 2019 handbag trends.

At Off-White, one medium-sized handbag was fitted with a second identical but smaller handbag. The two blue and white bags were attached at the handle with a small loop that could be unclasped for when one only needs one bag.

Both at Tod’s and Ulla Johnson, the decision was to showcase duffel bags fitted with matching smaller handbags – a perfect day-to-night combination for which we can think of many uses. At Tod’s the duffel was black with a matching white purse, while at Ulla Johnson it was all about almond croc skin leather. We also saw double bagging at Givenchy, Miu Miu, and Fendi.

#2. Bag Fuzz

Shearling and fur were key fall 2019 fashion trends this season, including for the fall 2019 bags. While your furry purse might not keep you physically warm, just looking at it is guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies! We prefer cruelty-free shearling and faux fur options, of which there were many on the runways.

From Boss we saw a perfectly elegant shearling bag. The beige handbag was square, with a leather flap and shearling-covered body, with a golden clasp for extra glam.

We saw a fuzzy twist on the classic Chanel bag. The black patent leather bag was covered in a shearling trim, with a fuzzy take on the CC logo as well. As is mandatory, it came with the twisted chain over leather strap as well.

For a larger take on the fuzzy handbag we have the duffel we saw at Tod’s. It was an all-black faux fur bag with some leopard print detailing. It was so fuzzy that we’re sure carrying it would feel like having a quiet, clean, and utilitarian version of your dog with you 24-7!

For a dramatic effect, an oversized clutch at Chloé was one of our favorite items. It was absolutely covered in long, bright purple fur, reminding us of a creature from Monsters, Inc.

Other labels to present fall 2019 runway bags with fuzz included Fendi, Prada, Max Mara, Staud, and Off-White.

#3. Mini Bag Comeback

Ever since designers started presenting trendy micro handbags they just couldn’t stop, so we’ve seen these once again for the fall/ winter 2019-2020 bag trends. The truly micro-sized bags usually come attached to larger handbags, as they are the perfect size for carrying coins and other tiny oddities, while mini bags are often hung on a strap that can be worn as a necklace or cross-body, which are ideal for carrying a few cards and a bit of cash at most.

The tiniest of tiny bags came from Jacquemus. It was made of white snakeskin and shaped like a traditional flap handbag, but it was big enough to carry… two quarters at most. Maybe a single folded bill. Cute, but not functional.

From Lanvin we saw a flat leather mini bag with a cross-shoulder strap, perfect for carrying cards and cash, and fitting into a more boho-chic casual look. From Carolina Herrera we saw a series of small, flask-shaped bags that added a delicate touch to every outfit.

It’s never a question of whether Dolce & Gabbana will present unusual handbags – we know they will. Every season, fashion writers cannot wait to see the new and exciting objects the designers will choose as the inspiration for their purses. This time it was micro bags that really drew our attention. They were shaped like little cylinders, fit for carrying exactly one lipstick and nothing more.

Salvatore Ferragamo, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy also presented some unique miniature bags.

#4. Snakeskin Leather Bags

We saw it in the fall 2019 print trends, in fall 2019 shoes, and also in the fall 2019 purse trends – snakeskin might be the biggest fall hit. It’s as versatile as simple leather, but a bit more interesting and definitely more luxurious. It also happens to work super well with the ‘70s comeback that’s going to be all the rage in the autumn. It’ll take too long to list all the snakeskin handbag options on offer, but we’ll talk about a few notable ones.

Snakeskin was lovely as just an accent at Proenza Schouler, giving a touch of brightness and texture to handbags that were primarily constructed of shiny black leather. Bags totally covered in an orange snakeskin were also quite fetching.

For a subtler option, Tory Burch presented a small black and white snakeskin purse decorated with a touch of gold hardware. Small saddlebags covered in dark snakeskin were another nice option, especially for carrying in the evenings. Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Michael Kors, and Lanvin also presented excellent snakeskin purse options.

#5. Crocodile-Embossed Leather

Croc skin is quite similar to snakeskin, but with larger scales and a more raw, wild vibe. If that’s what you’re into, then you will surely love the croc skin-embossed fall 2019 handbags. Nothing is as fashionable as taking one of the scariest animals on the planet and turning it into an accessory.

Tyrian purple croc skin at Givenchy really made our eyes pop. The rich, royal color made the croc skin luxury bags appear even more sophisticated, although we also loved the pattern on the belt bags.

At Max Mara, croc-embossed bags also played to other fall 2019 bag trends, with leather belt bags, totes, and chain-strap bags all embossed with a textured crocodile skin pattern. Other labels that played around with croc-embossing for their fall 2019 runway bags and purses included Rebecca Minkoff, Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson, and Bottega Veneta.