Fall/ Winter 2019-2020 Sunglasses Trends

Eye protection is important even when the weather is cold, but for most of us style matters too, so we’re definitely paying attention to the fall/ winter 2019-2020 sunglasses trends that were presented on the New York, London, Milan, and Paris runways!

While this fashion month didn’t present nearly as many eyewear options as the spring/ summer one, the few options that were presented were conceptually significant. There were a few classic and easily wearable fall 2019 runway sunglasses that were crafted to fit with other seasonal trends, but we were surprised by the high percentage of truly unique creations. Some designers didn’t just deliver an old twist on something new, or brought back an old trend: they innovated and made some truly special eyewear.

We think it’s so important that designers presented unique fall/ winter 2019 sunglasses trends because it helps people remember to wear these wonderful creations during winter as well as summer. For those living in places that get snowy, sunglasses are critical! The snow reflects UV rays that can damage the eyes, and wearing trendy winter sunglasses can give much needed protection.

But enough with the killjoy reminders, let’s get to it and see which fall 2019 eyewear trends we’re all soon going to obsess over!

#1. Connected Shield Lenses

There are all kinds of ways in which eyewear frames can accommodate one large lens that extends to both eyes, though this effect is usually seen as sporty and is especially associated with winter sports. For the fall 2019 eyewear trends, however, connected lenses were applied to fashion glasses that didn’t necessarily have that sporty look.

Oversized connected lenses at Eudon Choi had a distinctly urban vibe, with a blue lens, rimless bottom, and a plasticy top rim. Givenchy presented sophisticated connected lens options, with a lot of ombre lenses, a rimless design that allowed for a metal frame along the top of the lenses, and even a bit of shiny decoration along it.

The Emporio Armani fall runway show opened with a series of red sunglasses with a subtle connected design. Shaped a bit like a pair of aviators, but with a red plastic frame, the space between the top bar and bridge was actually a continuation of the orange lens. There was a similar subtle effect at Chanel with a pair of white framed sunglasses.

#2. Oversized Sunglasses

Want to try and pretend to be a celebrity? Pop on a pair of one of these oversized designer sunglasses, and you might be able to succeed! The oversized specs that lead to this being one of the fall/ winter 2019-2020 sunglasses trends were anything but typical.

Our favorites were worn on the Carolina Herrera runway. These massive square-lens glasses had a striped frame, with a red and gold option or a white and gold option – we loved both equally.

Oversized sunglasses at Balenciaga were part of an overall oversized aesthetic, with many female models wearing large blazers in masculine cuts. Most of the sunglasses were triangular, another fall 2019 eyewear trend, but some were square. The large clothes and massive glasses with totally black lenses reminded us of the Olsen twins’ late-aughts aesthetic.

At Prada, oversized lenses were styled to go with green soldier-inspired outfits. Even in unconventional shades like red or green these glasses showed how intimidating a large, dark lens could be when totally obscuring the face.

#3. Black Matrix-Inspired Sunglasses

We’d be remiss not to mention the few but extremely notable, skinny sunglasses that reminded us of those favored by the characters in the Matrix. To count as Matrix sunglasses, they must be slim with dark black lenses that totally obscure the eye.

We’ll start with the most cyberpunk of runways. Alexander Wang’s Matrix inspirations were clear, so beyond leather trenches and Wachowski-esque dreadlocks, models sported all kinds of small, black-lens sunglasses. Small oval lenses were reminiscent of Morpheus, while slightly tilted cat eye sunglasses were similar to those Trinity wore in the film. It’s important to note the sunglasses weren’t exact copies, as they were slightly embellished with a variety of elements including metallic touches and some clear frames.

At Acne Studios, the vibe was all Neo, with models sporting rectangular glasses with black lenses. The unique detail here, however, was a subtle raised element along the top rim.

We saw more traditional slim and black oval sunglasses at Christian Siriano that were rimless just like Neo’s, and were uniquely paired with an all-white outfit. Even at Prada there were tiny semi-round black sunglasses that gave us distinct Morpheus vibes.

#4. Bejeweled Sunglasses

The fall 2019 accessories were as blingtastic as can be on the runways, despite garments leaning towards casual, and as such the fall 2019 sunglasses trends included some truly glamorous options.

It’s best to start with the masters of bling: Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian designer duo is known for favoring ostentatious creations, and the glasses were no different. Their offerings included sunglasses with a metal frame that was just slightly studded with crystal embellishments all the way to a pair of sunglasses dripping with rhinestones thanks to a stoned fringe that lined the frames all the way around.

We find ourselves always following a D&G mention with Moschino, where Jeremy Scott tried to compete with the camp and glam of the Italian designers – in this instance, with a pair of gold-frame wayfarer sunglasses embedded with small jewels worn on top of the head rather than obscuring the model’s face.

‘90s-inspired triangle-shaped glasses at Versace had a frame completely covered by a row of small, square crystals. A slightly more understated treatment was applied to a reverse teardrop and aviator sunglasses at Dior, which had tiny crystals tightly embedded in their frames.

#5. New Geometry

There are a variety of traditional shapes for eyewear – both lenses and rims, so it’s always surprising when designers decide to throw those safe choices to the wind and play around with new shapes that inevitably are also more expensive to produce.

We were presented with a new shape for sunglasses for fall 2019 at Loewe that was extremely impactful despite not being dramatic. The thick-framed sunglasses had a rounded outer shape and a very square inner shape, with a perfect right angle right above the nose and a very straight bridge.

At Self-Portrait, the glasses closing the show were hexagonal, with frames made of delicate gold-colored metal and also boasting an aviator-style top bar.